Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perfect Skins

People always ask what I make in leather, and my answer is... everything! I think "leather" is still oddly stuck on either "outerwear" or "fetish" wear in most people's minds when it comes up as a specific fabrication. And, I decided to focus on leather because I like the restraint :) it gives me. Like many artists I work best with a tightly defined goal or project, so I chose leather as my medium. I do work in other fabrics, but not here.   After all why would I need to? Look at just some of the things that can be done with skins... Please Turn The Sound DOWN - Or OFF!  My Apologies.

This video is of my last production collection, showing examples of work done in hand painted leather, laser cut leathers, distressed leathers, leather with hand-cut work and lacing, woven leather, reversible leather and fur, and stretch leather. As well as the leather & textile fabrications that are exclusive to BehrleNYC. Variations of many of these items can be custom-made.



  1. Carla,
    Your fashion show is simply incredible! The men and women are dressed in about the hottest clothing on this, or for that matter, any side of the Atlantic/Pacific. I may have to get another pair of pants from you, even if there's no place for me to buy that guy's abs to go with them.
    I knew you were a genius. The video only proves it to the world!

  2. Wow, Thanks Diego! and yes, you must get another pair!!! Perhaps black next time?

  3. Just one look at her website will do more than any words I could use to describe the quality of her work. It's probably the finest custom made leather clothing this side of Milan. She's made me 2 pairs of pants and an amazing 3/4 length leather coat, and all three are perhaps my favorite pieces I own, (excluding a beat-up sweatshirt I've had since I was 19).
    She's truly a wonderful artist, yet so exacting she could be a rocket scientist. And that's a good thing.

  4. For some reason the video doesn't play? I just see the Q with a ? in it. Anyone have an idea why?

  5. It may be that you are on IE. It does works on Firefox and Safari, so you should not have a problem viewing it on either of those browsers.


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