Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Custom Made Men's Leather Pants

I am admittedly very, very bad at asking my customers to pose for photos of their finished pieces on, so I have hardly any photos of most the custom work that I've done, and absolutely none of it on the people it was created for!

On top of that, I have made so many pairs of men's pants, but have no photos of any of them on! So I am making a concerted effort to change that.

I recently made a pair of buffalo skin pants for a new client who was visiting from overseas and who was very generous to allow me to take photos of the finished product on him.

So with his very kind permission (Thank You, J!) here are some photos of custom made men's pants.



This is a start, and I'd love to see photos of any and all of my amazing clients in their custom made leather. So, if any of you are reading this...!

(& I would only ever post photos here with your specific permission and OK.)

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  1. one of these days I'm going to have you make me some 5 pocket jean style pants in black leather and I'll be happy to play the model in addition to being a client!

  2. Carla - I'm interested in your pants (I'm a male) a question and a request:

    - Do you typically make your pants unlined? If so, are they more comfortable than lined - your thoughts?

    - I think a woman looks fantastic in leather - especially leather pants (personal opinion). However, there seems to be a lack of men wearing leather pants, how does a guy pull off wearing them?

  3. Hi Anon,

    I line almost all the pants I make, to mid-calf (except the stretch leather) unless a client prefers no lining - but it's only an option when using heavier leathers.

    For men's jeans I use a smooth weave cotton broadcloth or similar cotton for lining, it holds up well, breaths, is very comfortable & it also functions to prevent the leather from stretching too much.

    & Yes, leather pants on guys has gotten a bad rap over the years. I do think that's changing in spite of the real lack of options & that sooo much of what's out there - in pants- perpetuates any number of bad leather stereotypes - that deadly combo of ill fit & cheap leather alone is probably responsible for all of them in the first place!

    The guys who "pull off" leather pants are self-secure, they are comfortable with themselves and their style and wear what they feel good in. Be it leather pants or a classic tuxedo. They have style and enjoy the attention it gets. 'Cause guys with sartorial style do get attention! It's always a treat to see a man with style, here in NYC or anywhere.


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