Friday, May 9, 2008

Haute Couture in the USA

Haute Couture in the USA does exist, but not where you'd expect. From time to time I help out at a costume shop owned by a woman I've know since I was 16, when we met because of our mutual love of the costume arts. It's a great refresher for me, and brings me back to my roots, and my first love, the art & discipline of the craft. Her shop turns out true haute couture, there is absolutely nothing else you could call it, it's really astounding. The main difference is the that the work is expected to last for years under daily and rigorous wear, repeated cleaning, alterations and god knows what other abuse. And of course she does not have access to Lesage embroideries. But at this rate who cares! Here are some photos:

queen-elizabeth-1When this costume was up on the mannequin, Hugh, who directed it's creation came upstairs to announce it. Only about 3/4 of the upstairs shop came running downstairs with cameras out, "just like a bunch of Japanese tourists" my friend Karin, (above- taking aim) said, and it was true. There was a mob - jockeying for position! I will post more on this over the weekend, this was the most amazing series of pieces to see come to life. The shop is brilliant!



  1. I was very interested to see the supports for the collars. I have seen very little on this and our Ren. Fair queen is having trouble with her supportie being strong enough. Any Suggestion of where I can go and find infermation on the construction of those supports? Love the work

  2. I'm pretty sure it was just heavy weight millinery wire, but there's a lot in the piece- try greenburg and hammer or manny's millinery.


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