Friday, August 24, 2007

Fashion Evolution

Recently, I subscribed to a feed of It is a fascinating site for anyone involved with, or just interested in the business of fashion. A recent post on the site was titled "Slow Fashion" which immediately drew my attention, ("slow food" is a big interest of mine and I had not heard the term applied to fashion before) It relates very strongly to the custom made business and while specifically mentioning men's fashion, I do think it's crossing over into women's. My female client tend to order more classic items than men. My male customers go for more individualistic items. (Is this just me? Has anybody else noticed this?)

Maybe it feels a little safer with the rapid changes in women's fashion from season to season, but I feel it is changing. When I was manufacturing, I noticed that a cutting edge style could have a 2+ year run. It took that time, I think, for the eye to get used to a new look. Starting on the coasts and working it's way into the center of the country, I'd run styles (as long as I could still get the leather) and do great with them. Fashion historically has always been an evolution and I feel many new ideas and silhouettes are done a great disservice nowadays by the push to change so completely every season.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Store is Up!!!

python-skin-leather-cuffThe shop section of the site is finally up! What a process! But I am thrilled and excited that it is up and working. The shopping cart software is a huge learning curve for me and I expect it to be a long and ongoing. I want to thank the designers, Joe and Erin of Transfuture. They've been great and very patient through whatever came up. (Especially the 5-6 weeks that Miva was refusing to let us login consistently (or at all).

I am now looking for some help with the internet marketing, running the store, keeping on top of this blog, etc. etc, etc.
A part time webmaster? Good with all the web and internet marketing techniques, from adwords, to adding feeds and content to this blog, creating a MySpace page above and beyond what is sitting up there now, some SEO ability. Coding a must, Fashion Background a Super Plus. I will pay a good commission on any sales the internet generates, including any new Custom clientele. I would love to hear from anyone interested.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Made in USA?

I had a custom-made inquiry recently, and to my surprise, I was asked if I outsource!
I've never gotten that question before, but with all the news it had to happen eventually.

Dangerous and toxic children’s toys, medicines, toothpaste, tires, pet food, and now cars ? Not in the US (yet), and hopefully never- but there’s a fool to buy everything and worse, the giant multinationals (Chrysler and BMW) who will sell it to them. This crash test doesn't seem to have made it into the mainstream news yet... how can that be???

Anyhow… the answer to the original question is NO! We do not outsource!

In fact, when I was manufacturing I was EXPORTING! But it’s very hard to manufacture in NYC. So I’m sticking with the custom-made and only small production (to order) so I can keep everything in-house. My dream always was to establish a high-end US made clothing company and I’m gonna stick with it even at the smaller scale!

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