Monday, February 6, 2012

Wishing for a Canyon of Real Heros

I am just not the sports fan everybody thinks I am... I missed the Giants big win.  Seriously.

So,  while I will congratulate them on their win,  I can't help but find it sad and hypocritical that NYC can put together and pay for a parade in 2 days flat for a very wealthy, well paid & subsidized sports team (that plays in New Jersey) and refuses a parade for Iraq Vets.

Have any of these guys put their life on the line or sacrificed one iota of what every Iraq vet has given,  as a matter of course, to this country?

Mayor Bloomberg cites concerns about televised images of a "Victory Parade"... really?  I missed that news...

What about a "Welcome Home and Thank You for Everything" Parade?  Iraq vets certainly deserve both the honor & the investment.


  1. Totally agree - USA should be ashamed of themseleves. I'm a sports fan, missed the Giants game but I'm from Chicago so I have an excuse.

    But... People that never fought in a war or served their country have ZERO excuse. I believe we should instill a mandatory service requirement of our kids for 3 months after HS or College into a national guard or something.

    Off my soap box - you make great clothing by the way

  2. Esquire had an interesting opinion essay in the February(?) 2012 issue, about how out-of-control our use of the 'hero' term has become. Indeed, professional athletics should probably not be considered as heroism!


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