Friday, December 2, 2011


We have been happily buried in work.  Which,  by the by,  is why I haven't been here much lately!

Yesterday,  we did an event with SkinMedica for a very select group of beauty editors to announce the launch of a brand new SkinMedica product, which will be released sometime in April.

I can't tell you the name of the product or what it does,  except that it does tie in with what I do,  which is... perfect skin!  The color  theme of the event was pink as you can tell by the very pretty room it was held in.  (I will say the tested results of the product were very, very impressive. )

The mood was very intimate and relaxed. Very refreshing and non- rushed and it gave the editors a much deserved moment of chill,  very different from what most might associate with a "launch".

So yesterday was spent,  (very enjoyably out of the studio for a change!)  fitting editors for their own perfect custom leather piece!

My little rack of sample & fitting garments
Sleek leather pencil skirts, with a open vent and bright gold (but not exposed- just a hint) zips, were the big hit, followed by a sexy low back peplum top, again with a gold zip - this time exposed.  Black (of course) followed by mahogany, cognac and grape.

We hope to have photos of these new styles up soon- on the Blog, so check back soon! & Thank yous to Josie and Chrissy!

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