Saturday, June 4, 2011

I may never blogger again

OK, here I am after- YES, a pretty long pause.

I have been busy, a that's good thing for sure. But here I am and I find I am suddenly...

1) unable to upload photos to blogger. (server rejected) many many tries.
2) what odd photos do manage to upload take forever. (oddly some go thru- from EXACT same source)
3) it seems I can no longer write posts and set them to publish at a particular time.
which was a VERY long time coming to blogger in the first place...

I barely have the time to get on here to post and when I do I expect to have it working
simply and easily- at the very least updates should be smooth and straightforward to troubleshoot.

I have been on a bunch of forums and a lot of people are having this problem, and seem to have been for some time.  In my case, I am nowhere near my picture limit for picassa, I have tried the old uploader and still no go.  I  have done everything I can find as far as troubleshooting on the web.

And as to the google/ blogger forums that DO attempt to address this issue several of them have been recently shut down for any posts or replies by blogger/google.

SHAME ON YOU BLOGGER/GOOGLE. Incredibly lax and unprofessional of Google and if they can't do an update that works on something like this they should get out of the business. I hate to gripe but it is seriously ridiculous.  They have had years to get blogger right and absolutely the best position to do it from.

(You may not see the finish of the  wedding dress series till way after my 1st anniversary at this point! I did try...)

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