Sunday, August 29, 2010

Custom Made Cutwork Linen Wedding Dress Parts 6 & 7

Yikes!  It'll be my one year anniversary if I finish up this series at the rate I am going. 

Ok,  here we are almost September and I've been married almost 3 months- which is over 2 months longer than this dress took to finish!  I had a couple of very fortuitously quite weeks in May, so I took the time and made it into a luxury for myself and started this project.  I have not worked in fabric in ages so it's a little bit of a treat (plus a p.i.t.a. since I am not set up for it)  &  7 Is the halfway point.
While it's not leather,  it is still a fair overview of what can be involved in the making of a fine and truly custom-made garment.  And the many (often unexpected) problems and solutions that come into play in during the construction of  specialty custom made items.

I won't go to much into detail, it bores me completely now so I can imagine from your end. (But I am going to finish this series and that is probably the end of my experiment
into following the "process")
As for this project, it is my tiny contribution to keeping very specialized & fine construction out there.  Enough!

notice;  there is a seam that will be boned  in the middle of the under layer
aka- sewing yourself into a corner.

inside view of seam before boning


basted to stitch-inside

basted to stitch-outside

God forbid the strap needs shortening...

But that's what the muslin is for.  

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  1. Curious - what is the most intricate piece you have ever done in leather? Any photos? I would think a catsuit or something comes to my mids (speaking of luxury)...

  2. Curious as to what is the most detailed, difficult and intricate piece of leather attire you have ever made? I would imagine a leather catsuit or something?

  3. Great question, I will really have to do several posts on this! Catsuits I don't find so difficult as much as a challenge.
    Challenge is really the word here. Difficulty is more where I am constrained by the machinery or material & supply limitations.
    Challenge is what I really get into & in most cases that's fit.
    My most challenging recent project was the boot-pants. & as far as intricacy, it has got to be the "Theda" Gown - a coin-mail leather wedding dress that took 3 of us over 2 months to make.

    I will now plan on following this up with a new series, Thank You!!!

  4. Gorgeous! Thank you for keeping art alive


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