Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White Hot Leather

White leather has always been a very popular request,  especially for editorial purposes- however, no white leather ever goes out of here unless it is purchased... I never stocked it in my shop for the same reason,  it simply does not get taken care of properly by people unless they have some skin in the game!

Recently I've had more & more customers asking about it & ordering it.  One white project I am working right now on is for an HBO Special right now - when it is closer to air time I will update.  When I work in white the whole studio is given over to it and I dress in white!  (No kidding,  my husband did not recognize me the other day when we met downtown for dinner since I was not in my usual head to toe black!)

I've done white leather stagewear:

here's a white leather wedding dress:

White leather baby bibs (they wipe clean in most cases)
White leather jackets:

& God know what else...

Good white leather when it is tanned must be finished in a dust free environment, it is harder and harder to find white leather that is finished properly - many times you will see,  on smooth white leather, little tiny spots in the finish because of's not in the lot I just got!  It's been ages since I have not had to painstakingly check every skin for these.  Makes me happy.

On the subject of white leather,  I just got photos from a client, (one of my few ladies) of an outfit I made her last year.  She's got star style and confidence and effortlessly carries off  looks much stronger than most people here in NYC would ever attempt! ( pet peeve about NYC- sometimes it feels like everybody wants to fit in - often to the point of blandness... it gets boring.)   Randa's use of accessories is flawless to boot!  I think these photos only give a hint of that.  This is one amazingly turned out woman,  & on an everyday basis!

 "You certainly have my permission to use the photo on whatever you need it for.  Thank you sooooo much!"

I love to see the finished work the way it is worn by the people it's designed for!

Thank you so much to Randa S.  for the photos & permission to post.

Here is the front view:
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  1. What a coincidence: I'm wearing my white leather Versace pants today - as I'm reading this post :) I love white leather - and it's certainly not only for the ladies.

    My wife was "unsure" about the white leather pants when I bought them, leaving me a bit unsure as well. However, I just got two really nice compliments on them, so I'll chance it and see how it goes.

    What do you think about white leather for a guy, Carla Dawn? Yay or nay?

  2. You've already gotten 2 complements,
    Obviously you you are doing something right!
    White leather is not for everyone for sure, but guy or gal, attitude is everything and white leather, be it a jacket or pants- or whatever- is a statement. So long as you wear the leather (and not the other way around) it's fabulous, especially on a guy. People can be a little hesitant to make a statement with their style these days, when they do it is a wonderful thing & obviously appreciated! Keep true to your self/style!


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