Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharp Dressed Men

After seeing "Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills" I feel inspired…Custom-made Menswear has surreptitiously become my concentration and it's kind of funny.

Many years ago when I was studying costume design, my teacher Jose Varona was looking over my shoulder while I was sketching in class (was it for Eugene Onegin?) and commented on how good I was at designing for men.  He said  he found it unusual,  he felt most of his students preferred designing for women and thought it was much harder to design well for men.

I felt hugely complemented & I liked designing mens costumes, at 14 I wasn't much into ruffles - unless they were Roberto Cappucci type ruffles ("ruffles-on-acid" was how I thought of them- here's a taste!). Do an image search - you will see what I mean- mind altering!!

So I guess I've come full circle.

And with that in mind…Here's the 2nd of a pair of jackets I did recently….

Can you tell I've become bored with the Wedding Dress? :) will get back to it soon!



  1. Looks like you have found your calling! You can tell from the photos how supple the leather is.

  2. Carla Dawn, I've gone through just about every part of your site, and what can I say? Everything is just superb.

    Your clothing just oozes class; it shows a side of leather that 99.9% of the public doesn't seem to be aware of. Looking at your creations actually makes me angry, because every time I see a reference to leather pants in a men's style blog or article, it's always some self-proclaimed expert piping off about how you have to be Freddy Mercury to wear them or some other negative reference - such as a recent article concerning ill-fitting career choices that used leather pants as a metaphor for bad choices.

    If I have a point - :) - it's that I hope *tons* of people will find, buy and most importantly *wear* your creations - wear them well and often.

  3. Thank You! ...& Hopefully from your lips to someone's ears...:)

    I am looking into the viability of setting up small & specialized production (in NYC) again, but catering strictly to men.
    I'd love to do it all in-house as I did my womenswear until 2004. We'll see. It's a lot to think about, and your words are great encouragement!

    It will be a lot of work... The ubiquitous leather of the 70's followed by the 80's, bad leather heyday gives us about 30 years of bad stereotyping to undo! But I KNOW it's do-able!


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