Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Whatever Happened to...?

Every so often I have to track down what has happened with various jobs or editorials. Were the pieces I made used? Photographed? Or left on the cutting room floor as it were?
Last summer I did two pairs of leather pants for a film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Patrica Field, the costume designer called me because we've worked together a lot (love Pat!) and I had also done other work for SMG, mainly, a pretty well seen "Vampirilla"costume.
The film was was a great commission, & the pants were supposed to be a plot point! Alas, I missed the US opening. (2 whole screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival in April!) This month it's opening in New Zealand - then in January, it's straight to video!... Phooey.

In any case.....
Next up. Thank You! Tommaso, for the fabulous pix of the jacket & hat commissioned by Rolex for their newest add campaign. I am very excited to see the final results!

It's all good...

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  1. I'll bet everyone involved (besides you and the director's mother)is thrilled that the flick's going Direct To Vid. Too bad, actually. BTW, your jacket in the Rolex pix is absolutely magnificent. Want.
    Kid Glover.

  2. I LOVE this Rolex leather jacket.

  3. DELICIOUS JACKET! And the videos are pretty amazing, too. You rock!

  4. Hi Carla Dawn!
    It's me, Angelique Trouvere--Linda suggested that I check out your site and WOW! I'm so glad I did! your work is stunning!
    I sent Linda my recent interview about my early costumes which included lengthy pieces on both Vampirella & Red Sonja and I naturally talked about Linda's Sonja costume but I didn't know that you made it! I would love to see the Vampi costume you made--I'd love to talk with you & catch up!
    Also, if you'd like to read my interview it's at www.enjolrasworld.com
    just scroll til you see "new interview: "Angelique: the unconventional comicon costumer" & enjoy!
    Much xxx's to a fellow costumer & success story!

  5. At one point in time Sarah Michelle Gellar was by far on my Top 3 celebs I had a thing for. She was on the Letterman Show last Monday (MLK Day - Jan 21st) and seeing her for the first time in a TV appearance in quite a while, I have to say how great she looked - still a natural beauty and looks a handful of years younger than her age. It's safe to say my attraction to her either has been rejuvinated or maybe it never went away. She looks great as well in the above photo wearing the leather pants you made her. The fit and the quality (I know a quality leather garment when I see one) are reasons I will someday be a buyer of a Behrle NYC piece.


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