Friday, June 24, 2011

Hearing the Cheering

... to the NYS Senate, Thank You!   It is thrilling that NY politicians worked together and passed this very important bill.  We are now part of the vanguard!



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes, it is Leather

 This just in - a drop dead gorgeous client in her custom-made leather dress! 

(I love this photo! Thank you B. for sending it to me.)

Here is some detail:

...and it is really bronze, a beautiful pearlescent lambskin.

More Stretch Leather


My very own Scarlett O'Hara, GWTW Moment

Been busy and way backed up with posting here, even without the glitches-  I am once and for all going to finish my custom made wedding dress series,  right here and right now - before I get back to leather & before my first anniversary!!!!

(…and yes to all my :) customers….before you ask…I am still married!!!  & I do love you guys…)

For those of you who've not been here before and are not interested in looking back,  in a nutshell, this dress is my very own Scarlett O'Hara moment.

It's made from my husband's Mother's (& we think, her mother's) antique hand-embroidered, cut-work linen tablecloth.

I will leave my former fiance's initial reaction - when I announced what I was going to do with this very old,  very well loved and very, very stained tablecloth - to your imagination...

Ta Da!

...and this was our "First Dance" Music!


Garden Life, or a little a walk on the wild side

('s XXing fingers blogger is back on form and I can get back up to speed again.)
 Over the Memorial Day Holiday we went to Niagara Falls. (We had a great time and I will post pix soon)

When we left it was kinda chilly & wet here in NYC and summer was looking real far off.  Needless to say, when we got back it was 84° and super humid.  The garden on my weekend terrace had really taken off, the roses were full blown, the tomatoes blooming,  & the pumpkin (aka Audrey II) was threatening to strangle a cat or two...

And now, things are getting interesting.  2 new crops appeared. (Yay! pictures work again!!!)

 I've counted 4 teeny tiny little grasshoppers- who I can only assume are the progeny of these guys:
from last year- (at 2 different stages):

last years grasshopper tween
giagantor grassopper
Monster Grasshopper!  Or maybe, the grasshopper that ate Manhattan...unfortunately shortly after this photo was taken,  the cat was very upsetting.  I missed them and I am so glad the cycle wasn't cut short.

Then 2 or three days ago I say some scary looking black blotches on my big (& not so happy) dill plant, I did not get too close.  Now this is what we have:

butterflies to be?

 Swallowtail?  Maybe Monarch? The dill is about gone now (Overnight!) so guess who will be feeding them with store bought... thank god for Google,  otherwise I probably would have tossed the plant - and the caterpillars- now it's - move it away from the parsley and buy them carrot tops - (If I am wrong,   I hope somebody will please inform me here, now, & soon)

caterpillar showing it's horns
 (these caterpillars show little horns (lowest caterpillar) when they are aggravated!)

I really do hope to be nurturing these to be butterflies soon!  The dill sure worked a lot better than the so called "Butterfly Bush"

I don't think I'd ever be able to observe this closely in the real wild and I am so thrilled to be able to see it now.  I was a kid who grew up in suburbia  & considered "home" the Winnebago we traveled in  4 months a year.  We never got to stop to just watch things, since Dad had the "driving" gene (still does) so we just went.  I love having a garden!  Unbelievably, I am actually getting into bugs!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

I may never blogger again

OK, here I am after- YES, a pretty long pause.

I have been busy, a that's good thing for sure. But here I am and I find I am suddenly...

1) unable to upload photos to blogger. (server rejected) many many tries.
2) what odd photos do manage to upload take forever. (oddly some go thru- from EXACT same source)
3) it seems I can no longer write posts and set them to publish at a particular time.
which was a VERY long time coming to blogger in the first place...

I barely have the time to get on here to post and when I do I expect to have it working
simply and easily- at the very least updates should be smooth and straightforward to troubleshoot.

I have been on a bunch of forums and a lot of people are having this problem, and seem to have been for some time.  In my case, I am nowhere near my picture limit for picassa, I have tried the old uploader and still no go.  I  have done everything I can find as far as troubleshooting on the web.

And as to the google/ blogger forums that DO attempt to address this issue several of them have been recently shut down for any posts or replies by blogger/google.

SHAME ON YOU BLOGGER/GOOGLE. Incredibly lax and unprofessional of Google and if they can't do an update that works on something like this they should get out of the business. I hate to gripe but it is seriously ridiculous.  They have had years to get blogger right and absolutely the best position to do it from.

(You may not see the finish of the  wedding dress series till way after my 1st anniversary at this point! I did try...)

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