Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am honored to have such amazing clients & working with them is a truly fulfilling & collaborative process.  This is what makes what I do so enjoyable.

I have no testimonial letters on my site anymore, since some tweeking removed them from my main page.  So for the time being I am going to start putting them here.  

So here is the first one:

I own dozens of pieces from every great leather designer there is--Gucci, Versace, Jitrois, Burberry Prorsum  etc.  Carla Behrle is better than all of them and at least half the cost and ten times more attentive and keeps working until the piece is perfect.  She is also remarkably quick. She has made three custom-made pieces for me and is working on a fourth.

I came in with nothing but a conception in my head for a pair of one-piece leather boot pants. The difficulty of designing that for look, feel and comfort was monumental. Let's put it this way--rather than wearing them I think I should frame them.  At any fashion house they would have cost three or four five times as much because of the design and labor. And you won't find them at any fashion house because they don't make them.

When it comes to leather design and make she is the best there is. I know.

Buzz Bissinger,
contributing editor for Vanity Fair

I am speechless...all I can say is:  Thank You, Buzz!!!!



  1. Carla - love your stuff - amazing: curious, looking at all your custome leather garments, there was a fellow way back named John Sutcliffe who ran a fetish magazine Atomage - was there any influence on you by chance as I seem some synergies? Clearly a bootpant - he was making those back in the 70's. He ended on a sad story and made some great custome leather garments that are worth a fortune today if you can find them...

  2. Thank You & what a great comment - John Sutcliffe is definitely an influence - his work is ICONIC. He had a love and he went with it - left an indelible mark....


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