Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Dreaming makes it So

This is the point where I click my heels three times and say "I want to go warm…"

I dream of these ramparts
I want to be a roman cat chasing the sun
I want more places to look like this
and this...

I want to wander these halls
...and  play here
I want to lose myself here
...and here
 I will easily cast spells...
and always have fun with my food!



  1. is that greece? What hotel? looks awesome......wherever it is.

  2. It's an old Roman town in Spain near Barcelona called Tarragona, beautiful ruins and an absolutely incredible coastline. Then some Gaudi (of course) A museum gem and the(purely decorative) bread at Los Caracoles, where you walk through a flaming and busy kitchen and labyrinth like stairways and hallways to get to the dining rooms, am amazing space. Food good, not fabulous. (Overall I found the food in Argentina to be much better than the food in Spain, but maybe we didn't go to enough places....)


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