Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Memories

Today brings up a lot of memories.  First, Theoni V. Aldredge passed away.  She was my idol when I was a kid and a wanna-be costume designer.  Seriously.  

One of my very first jobs was in the costume shop at Joseph Papp's Public Theater.  While I worked there, the shop had to re-build a whole new set of costumes for "A Chorus Line" (I guess it was about mid-run at that point) and boy, I was so thrilled to be in the same room with her!  I could barely speak!

And even though she must have done those costumes several times already, she was in the shop on a daily basis overseeing the smallest details and subtleties. It really, really, left an impression on me.  I was completely  obsessed with costume design.

But,  I especially want to remember my mom, who left us 3 years ago today.  I Love you Mom!   You  always supported our dreams and our creativity above anything else and took  great pride in all of our artistic endeavors (however off the wall some of them were!)  With love, and so, so many happy thoughts & memories of you:

Thank You Mom!


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