Sunday, January 2, 2011

Auspicious-ness for 2011

Happy 2011!

Maybe it's Auspicious -I haven't read up- but we have a lot of these singular trinities this year and since it'll only happen once in our lifetimes, I'll take it as such!!!

I want to thank all my amazing customers & friends. Those of you who found me via the interweb these last few years and those of you who discovered me in my Tribeca shop, or even earlier…I am so honored…some of you even go way back to the very beginnings of World Domination! (I'm not telling)

It's really amazing for me when a customer from my pre-web days looks me up and I get a call or an email telling me they still have and wear pieces I made them 10, or more, years ago.  I have never believed in planned obsolescence, I believe in STYLE and my customers have it in SPADES!!!!

It's been so great to re-connect with SO many of you these last couple of years.
I did not make it easy initially- some of you were persistent above and beyond the call of duty, and I thank you for it!

& to my new customers, the ones who have found me strictly via the web- You have opened up a whole new world, for me & for my business.  I have gotten to "meet" so many interesting, cool, stylish & discriminating individuals.

All of you are true connoisseurs.  Keep it up.



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