Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rolex Jacket Icon- Mystery Solved?

I was so happily surprised to open up a copy of Elle magazine and find
a new picture of my leather Aviatrix jacket that was commissioned by Rolex for a campaign themed around the Rolex watches worn by historical icons.

Jacket By Carla Dawn Behrle/ BehrleNYC, for Rolex

Then, moments later I got an email from the stylist in Rome telling me it is also featured on the back cover of V magazine!  Double surprise.  I am very glad this campaign has been so successful,  especially since both the stylist and I thought this particular shoot was not going to see the light of day.

The model is incredible, (I personally love this variation…) the photo is incredible and of course the Icon is a pure American Legend.  I think the photo brilliantly captures so much of the spirit of the legend. The adventure, the strength, the dreams and the goals.

The timing is wild too since the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance seems closer to being solved than ever…

For information on purchasing a  Made-to-Order or Custom Made variation of this jacket Please contact me directly via this link.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Leather Blooms for the Holidays...

I hope these put you in a festive mood!  Between the usual crunch of the season I managed to dig out some beautiful skins that I've been collected over the years.  These are skins that I do not have enough to make any type of garment or regular item with,  and the leather is just too special to not do something with.

We put together some pieces... all inspired by an accessory we did years ago for Patricia Field.  Here is a start.

And we are trying something new here.  Buy Now from the blog...

Flowers ship to US,  for other destinations please contact us.

Exotic Orchid Fascinator 
Only 6 available as shown.  Hand made in NYC. Petals and blades are individually wired.
 Blossom can be contoured to highlight your features.

Rose Band
( Forget about Alice!)

This band can be made to order in any combo of 2 of roses above.
(Each piece is individually Hand made in NYC)
from left: Cherry, Jewel Purple, Black Suede, Silver Shimmer
These colors are limited editions,  and once gone- they can't be repeated...

Solid color- please specify
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