Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Save the Garment Center Jobs Rally

I LOVE the Sign in the middle- would frame it in my studio!

Went to the 2nd "Save the Garment Center" Rally earlier today,  and want to thank Michelle Vale for introducing me to Erica Wolf (of Nanette Lepore) who has been in charge of organizing STGC.  Today's rally was a jobs rally and there were impassioned speakers from all walks of the industry.  (Contact me!  I will make myself available to help!)

I  applaud  Mr. "Central" Park's  (I pretty sure that's what he called himself at the end of his speech!) observation that many of his factory workers have, over the years,  gone on to open their own factories.  To paraphrase Mr. Park : "Do you ever see a Starbuck's worker go on to open their own Starbuck's???"  

You could replace Starbuck's with Kinko's, Duane Reade, McDonald's and any other  large chain and it would be just as true.   I would add  that Starbuck's does not teach concrete skills to anyone past maybe a manager or 2- and frankly I question those skills, having seen Starbuck's managers completely bomb out when taken out of the Starbuck's culture. 

I also liked Roger Cohen's idea of making USA made clothing non-taxable,  just one of many ideas we should fight for to strengthen US Manufacturers.

BTW- Michelle Vale Handbags are incredibly made and highly detailed, luxury leather handbags -many with customizable hardware,  that are all made right here in NYC.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband (and partner) after last week at Afingo's "Behind the Seams" event. ...Looking forward to the next one.


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