Friday, October 1, 2010

Blown Away by the Future of Fashion

I am just blown away by this video,  which came to my attention via BOF.   I truly agree &  really believe,  that this is the future of fashion.  In one fell swoop it renders the idea of showing on a runway obsolete.  And it raises the bar of the art tremendously.

As a designer, who has done several shows and one large Fashion week production -  I don't think it is optimal for showing the clothes,  communicating the concept or getting the audience.  You are subject to the vagaries of ...oh, the weather, the scheduling,  your PR,  your guests - which celebrity is going to show up...?  The press that shows up - or doesn't.  The models.  The shoes.

As Pugh notes in this story...if a model falls,  "that's an enduring moment".   There are a billion things completely out of your control!  Not good for a designer's temperament at all.

I think beautifully creative presentations like this along with still presentations,  still photography and showroom appointments are the next direction.  Besides "Zombie-faced models" in runway shows can't be gone soon enough for me.

I love the black and white sections and the op-art print and was astounded by the down filled op-art piece (brilliant!) which is, believe it or not,  the exact same cut as this:
  Fur-to-velvet reversible square

It's wonderful, the difference the volume makes.


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