Sunday, August 15, 2010

Speak of the Devil-Car Design

Its funny how things come up in conversation and then the exact subject / sentiment appears in your in-box.  Walking down the street today we were talking about tiny cars.  From comparing the footprint of a smart car to another (bigger) tiny car the subject moved to what we've seen of the new Fiat 500 and our inevitable grip about...
What the heck is up with car design today???  Why does everything have to look the same?  The smart car is hardly pretty,  but it's eye catching and fun. (I want my smart car shrink-wrapped to look like a roller skate!...MINE!)  The PT cruiser's appeal also had to have something to do with the vaguely retro (still not pretty) styling.  It looks like the new 500 will be following the herd as far as same old, same old,  (yawn) styling.

Why can't a car company do something with a little style & snap?  Like this:

  It's the same size as  the hot dog cart! 

 & I think it would fit lengthwise inside the crosswalk!  I love this car!

Even better,  I LOVE these CARS.
Why is it not possible to have cool cars today?
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  1. My dad had a FIAT back in the 70's and loved the car - unfortunately, FIAT has become a GM of Italy and the reputation has fallen...

  2. Ha! yes, my very first car was an old 128 (I think) Fix-it-again-Tony and in spite of that I also loved the car... Did wind up leaving it on a highway in Maine when the rods when thru the engine- I'd had to have the oil gauge warning lite disconnected since it went off continually when the oil was full and stopped the car! Nobody would fix it- Mechanic's actually refused outright to go near the thing! I still loved that car- I could see over the dashboard and reach the pedals at the same time! (I am small so this was always a problem) Great sight lines...I was very sad to leave it with a full tank and a precious Elvis Costello Sticker on the rear window!

  3. Sweet! I think my dads was the same car - although No Elvis Castello sticker, more like CSNY... I remember he had it so long it started to rust underneath whereas evertime he pulled it out, there was piles of rust in the garage...

  4. Mine, amazingly had no rust. In spite of it's age & in NJ no less! If they could come up with good cool design for a small car where you don't have to agonize over parking - none of this blunt-snub-nose-2-feet-too-big-to-park for me, Give me some personality and for crying out loud make it small- like the real English Mini Small!


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