Friday, May 14, 2010

Dissappointed, Angry & Disgusted...

I am so absolutely sickened by the news that just continues to get worse and worse surrounding the oil spill.  It makes my head spin and my gut go cold.  Reading today,  how the government agency that was supposed to police and approve permits,  instead just enables & allows outright the outright flaunting of any and all regulations and allows drilling without proper approval & permits - ignoring and abusing their own scientists' research and recommendations to set it up so we...all Americans,  get it up right 
the rear for the sake of oil. 

Then some dumbA Alaskan Senatornamed Lisa Murkowski blocks the bill to raise the liability 
cap on the oil companies clean up bill...
To borrow the other dumbA's  (What the heck is it with Alaska?) phrase,  perhaps a truly deserving  "target" list should be set up to encompass the oil companies, the oil rig owners, Haliburtan, Transocean,  the M.M.S. (which sounds like it should be shut down and investigated immediately.) and bozos like Lisa Murkowski.

Sorry for the rant,  but when the heck are we gonna revolt???

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  1. And seeing the oil gush out on the underwater "oil cam" every night on TV increases one's anger exponentially.

    We now know that the head of MMS granted BP a waiver to bypass several key safety protocols, which lead to her being forced out. However, the MMS head could not have granted this level of a waiver without sign-off from her boss - the Interior Secretary.

    Let's hope :

    1) They can cap the well before August.
    2) The oil spill does not do any more damage.
    3) The oil spill does not hitch a ride on the gulf stream and head towards or around Florida and beyond.

  2. John, the whole thing is completely focaccia. At this point we can just hope & pray that they carefully and methodically work towards capping it successfully. (now that the eyes of the world are upon them.) And not make it worse. I know I can't bear to think past that point, it hurts far too much.


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