Saturday, May 29, 2010

Antique Cutwork Lace Wedding Dress, Part 3

In real time I am almost done with the dress.  (I expect to be done by Sunday the 30th,  tomorrow-barring any massive changes /adjustments or fits of complete anality which don't belong in this project!) Anyhow, I know its now a dress. Rather than a bodice and skirt or even a semi-attached…whatever…

But since I started to do this in actual segments, in blog time,   I'm sticking to that!  You've seen the rough layout, but I will refresh you: 

custom made wedding dress cutwork lace front
This is just the front panel, the lace will wrap around to the sides.  I plan to make use of some of the oval edges as well as the motif edges. Just not sure which ones or where at this point.

The lace is carefully back stitched down to the layer of twill and silk.  not too close to the edges, since the sides need to be stitched on later.  I've cut the straps in one piece on the lace layer.  I want the motif as continuous as possible. The basting line 3/4" inside the cut edge is the finished edge I've drafted for.  Parts of this are likely to change since fit was done on muslin and the finished piece entails several layers and will be thicker so we'll see…

custom made wedding dress cutwork lace detailcustom made wedding dress cutwork lace detail
Thread is wrapped around needle, for portage.  (I watched "In Cold Blood" while doing the handwork- Great movie!  It took far too long for me to get to...)
custom made wedding dress cutwork lace stitched

From the front, stitched in a mocha/taupe along edges of cutwork- I was very lucky to have an old,
old spool of thread that was a perfect match to the embroidery! 

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  1. This dress is a masterpiece. It is distinctively different and it has class. Will the groom be in a custom white leather tuxedo with black trim and tails to match ?

    I do !

  2. Thank You John! (& just wait till you see the finished dress!) but unfortunately no leather tux, on a roof top in July, with the way the heats been so far... we certainly don't want anyone passing out!

  3. Thank You! & when I get some time to breathe, I will get more up!- C


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