Sunday, April 25, 2010


Somehow the villains always look the coolest.  The best tailoring, the sharpest style.
It's why we've all emulated them all for years.  Besides, edgeless gets very, very boring, very quickly.

I was so very glad when frilly girlie-girl dresses went out of favor in NYC - my eyes were burning from the saccharine!   Things are so much better when they bite!   But, I was a bit ahead of the game with my womenswear & now I'm doing mostly menswear.   It's great really 'cause guys get it!

Case in point,   Jackets (Leather here, of course) fitted,  sharp tailoring,  edgy,  tough,  straddling fashion, fetish,  militaristic and of course my favorite,  Bond Villains! (Hey, the Bad Bond Girls were ALWAYS the best Bond Girls! I need to find more of them!)

Here I present, The dangerous Nehru Jacket.  Finely tailored, in a foreboding  ( yet deceptively fine & very light weight )  matte black lambskin.  Incredible, if I do say so myself!  Very Dr. No,  no?

Many Thanks to my customer,  John,  for posing for pix, one day I hope to get getter ones,  I have an
on-the-fly-studio set up now...perfect for those mastermind villains!



  1. Oh, My. That is a serious (as in deeply cool) piece of clothing. Who knew the Nehru look could suggest intrigue and power? Love the cut, and since I already own several Behrle pieces, I can attest to the craftsmanship, which is amazing.
    A bit of leather lust in the morning always gets me going! :)

  2. It's awesome! As you say, edgy, but really stylish. I think it overpowers jeans, though. Black wool or, even better, blck leather pants with a slightly matte finish would look awesome with this.

  3. This was an impromptu picture to show the jacket only. I do not plan to wear it with jeans unless I am being paid to do so. Initially, I also thought that a coordinated pair of black leather pants might go really well, but on second thought, I think leather pants will actually detract from the style and visual appeal of this jacket by competing with it and making the look "too leathery" from top-to-bottom. I prefer to wear this nehru jacket with coordinated Italian designer wool slacks in a range of colors, depending on where I am going - to dinner at a high-end restaurant, meeting with an agent, showcasing it during daytime or night time activities, an upscale bar, club etc...

    Translation - "showcasing it" means strutting it in an understated way when you know that all eyes are on you, but trying not to make it obvious that they're checking you out !

    I think a nice pair of leather pants will go better with the style and visual appeal of my other Behrle 2-button black leather blazer (not yet pictured).

    More to follow...

  4. John, I've been thinking about this...
    what to wear with the jacket/s. I agree. Jeans, at least traditional ones, are not gonna be right with this jacket, but don't discount some of the amazing non-traditional treatments going on with denim now. Waxed finishes, unusual foil finishes. (Forget washes and feathering!) These sort of things bring a denim weave to a whole different level. What will be very important, no matter what, will be the fit of the pants. For you I can see either clean fitted straight cut pant (not tapered) or a very lightweight wool,(looser)trouser cut working, you are tall and can have both those options. The most important thing is the fit. And look at some of the newer finishes and textures.


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