Sunday, April 25, 2010


Somehow the villains always look the coolest.  The best tailoring, the sharpest style.
It's why we've all emulated them all for years.  Besides, edgeless gets very, very boring, very quickly.

I was so very glad when frilly girlie-girl dresses went out of favor in NYC - my eyes were burning from the saccharine!   Things are so much better when they bite!   But, I was a bit ahead of the game with my womenswear & now I'm doing mostly menswear.   It's great really 'cause guys get it!

Case in point,   Jackets (Leather here, of course) fitted,  sharp tailoring,  edgy,  tough,  straddling fashion, fetish,  militaristic and of course my favorite,  Bond Villains! (Hey, the Bad Bond Girls were ALWAYS the best Bond Girls! I need to find more of them!)

Here I present, The dangerous Nehru Jacket.  Finely tailored, in a foreboding  ( yet deceptively fine & very light weight )  matte black lambskin.  Incredible, if I do say so myself!  Very Dr. No,  no?

Many Thanks to my customer,  John,  for posing for pix, one day I hope to get getter ones,  I have an
on-the-fly-studio set up now...perfect for those mastermind villains!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Eat KFC & fight Cancer???

I got this in the mail today:

This is a WTF? Moment. 
I cannot imagine who thought this was a good idea,  or if  The Susan G. Komen fund is either:

a) desperate for cash
b) cynical beyond belief
c) just plain old stupid 

In any case they should fire their marketing arm.
Designing a marketing tie in like this is the absolutely the height of irresponsibility. 
It also completely diminishes what they are here to do.  Which in a nutshell is to improve women's heath and treatment.

Promoting tie in to a sodium and grease packed meal like KFC's is WRONG.  Obesity,  yes,  that'll help your breast cancer outcomes...
It also targets the people who need least to be targeted with this kind of garbage, people who eat like sh*t anyhow, who more than likely already have more than their fair share of heart disease, diabetes, you name it.

This country is already such a mess with our obesity rates,  I don't see how we will ever stem the tide if this type of practice keeps up.  On top of all the garbage there is out there marketed as food. 
Yesterday I saw a woman, standing, on the street. she was not old, but she had to lean against the building to support her considerable weight which I would venture to guess to be at least 600 pounds.  Seriously one of the largest ambulatory people I have ever seen in NYC.  Less than 20 years ago you NEVER saw this in NYC,  not even close.  

Our bodies are not built to support this. (neither is our transportation system)  HOW do you get around?  I cannot even imagine the limitations (not to mention health) issues this forces on people.  
& It's much worse outside of the city.  (It is very hard to sit in a restaurant in places like rural PA and have any sort appetite for food when seated across from people this size- and it's about impossible to avoid.)

I felt for the woman on the street, the same time it's hard to figure how someone gets to that point.  And then,  how on earth do you turn it back?  It's freeking hard to lose weight!

I am no chubby basher.  I prefer a curvy figure over an anorexic one any time, but I doubt 300-600 lbs can ever be considered simply overweight for most women.  That's a serious health issue.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Death by Fashion

In NYC the other day somebody died by low-hanging pants

(I had to add this photo- yes we actually see this (and lower) in NYC, midtown, Herald Square -  uh... like 25 years after the's like a mohawk - 35 years after the dole... )

I have to say here that I have always wondered when this would happen.

For way too many years, there has been this low-hanging pants thing going on and while you see it less and less in the city, it seems to get more and more extreme each time you do.

It's to the point where the pants are belted around under the butt &  up a just trifle in front, since it ain't gravity holding them up! And bizarrely it's a look almost always affected by (grown?) men.
Also nobody seems to pay much attention to the brand of underwear they are exposing- as they did in the old days. It was a big deal back when....

Anyhow, I've always thought, "What if you have to RUN! ???"

Well it finally happened. Guy robs an apartment and has to flee down fire escape. Pant fall. Crash. Guy gone.

Has a "fashion" statement ever added to the annals of the Darwin awards?
There are other types of fashion victims, but Low-Hanging Pants, really becomes Darwin.

LHP are nowhere near as dramatic (or gory) a statement as blowing your nose and blowing your brains out. (Italy, 15th century & the rage for blond hair - probably a costume history myth, but still.. )

Or as quirky as what was the madness followed by death (by mercury) that inspired the character of the "Mad Hatter".  That was more a workplace hazard, and would be an OSHA thing today.

Or as merveilluese-ly,  tragic as clingy, wet muslin dresses in stone mansions in winter. (France & England early 19th century) Pneumonia anyone?

Or as "elegant" as the pallor achieved by sucking on real lead pencils slightly later. (shudder) These last two are pretty Darwin.

And, Thankfully no where near as hideous nor as finally game changing as the combination of voluminous skirts and flame.  (Santiago Chile in 1863 & the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist fire where the seamstress's long skirts hampered escape & exacerbated the danger.)

And face it, death by Low-Hanging Pants will never leave a segment of society reeling, as Isadora Duncan's did in 1927 via a scarf caught in a car's tire.

The list of fashion victims goes on and on, but there are not too many that really fit into the Darwin category (improving the gene pool by removing yourself from it)  Since they are mostly historical, many are horrific tragedies and they are often unknowingly inflicted, by self or otherwise.

So, if you do know of any, particularly modern instances,  morbid curiosity compels me to ask you to leave a comment.


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