Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rolex Leather Aviator Jacket Commission

Here is a recent custom commission of the Rolex Jacket, featured here  and here.  (Originally commissioned by Rolex for an advertisement.)

This one has  a real shearling fur collar and is a functional portrait collar cut, rather than the extreme (great looking, but very constricting for actual wear) off-the-shoulder cut of the editorial model in the advert.



  1. hi where can i buy this jacket online? do you know how much it is?

  2. Hello Anonymous, I hope that this response will get to you.
    This coat can be individually made-to-order, in a variety of skins in our stock sizes(2-8) and can be custom - made via the mail if you are willing to have proper measurements taken - Custom costs more and is a little work on your part but you end up with a perfectly fitted jacket in your choice of leather and fur and details.

    I cannot quote a price here as it will vary according to the choice of skins, fur and customization desired.

    If you read this response and have any more questions please contact me directly here:

    (Please, to anybody who wants a direct response- please leave your e-mail when you leave a comment otherwise I just can't respond to you directly, only as a comment here. Your e-mail will not show up to anyone but me.)


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