Monday, March 8, 2010

Peanut Gallery at the Oscars!

Hey!  I actually watched the Oscars this year- almost from the beginning. (No Red Carpet Stuff- just the Oscars.)

So I will join the peanut gallery with my very brief- but not brief enough- take on the clothes!

Zoe Saldana is incredibly gorgeous and the top 2/3rds of her gown was too, until it hit that third tier, it looked like she was getting swallowed up into a black hole- very distracting. I kept waiting for some scary CGI to take place.

Carey Mulligan - Absolutely best outfit for a young “starlet”.  That term is weird, but it does express things better here than “young actress”. Expressing effusive individuality, style and taste all at once, a little elegant punky and very fun with those and wonderfully anachronistic (and insanely incredible) 1800’s earrings. BRAVO.

Best Dressed REGARDLESS:  Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren, Here are two women who know how to wear the clothes, rather than the other way around.

Kate’s silver two-piece sheath was so simple it shocked me - after the embarrassment of riches, it was simply breathtaking.

Helen Mirren’s cobwebby dress also suited her perfectly, an edgy confectionary - & kind of Tim Burton-y in a non-CGI way (Have they worked together yet?), and GOD her hair is beautiful! (I have been going grey since I was 23 and it has yet to commit properly!)


I was fascinated with Jennifer Lopez’s dress, the texture and shape, I couldn’t have cared less about her hips- or who wore it, it was about the dress here. The DRESS WAS AWSOME

I did not like the Amanda Seyfried version of the bubble wrap, it threatened to swallow her whole. Way, way too much dress for her.

Sigourney Weaver’s red dress was the best of the reds- the color was incredible and the shape did not detract or distract from the woman.

Meryl Streep - was a church lady, oddly frumpy- white is a great color for her, but the outfit was not flattering.

Vera Farmiga’s dress enthralled/fascinated me while she was sitting but it was a bit overwhelming when standing up– I kept wondering how she managed to snag that front row seat so people wouldn’t have to climb over her. The color was incredible, so was the dress.

Rachel MacAdams, wore a ton of dress, it worked! Beautifully.

Sarah Jessica Parker – not so much. Trying too hard?  It looked harsh and a bit tricky.

Charlize Theron?  Did not even work in a far shot.  Read badly - too literal.  She could've done much better.  She's got strength, character and incredible beauty,  she needs to own a look or own herself.

It kinda reminded me of when I did costumes for comic cons when I was a kid - my sister, who was my model got VERY frustrated when she realized that nobody was looking at (or talking to) her, while she was in costume.  However,  this is not the point at a Comic Con and your hero is William Ware Theiss! (Look it up)

Hey, But we got back at them all when that guy tried to grab her ass in the elevator, since all the links in that armor thong were wrapped in brass wire that had the sharp cut edges facing outwards. (Doh!) Bloodshed occurred.

I don't think that plays at the Oscars.


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