Thursday, February 4, 2010

Custom Made in the New York Times

 In the New York Times today is a great article about custom-made clothing!

I am so excited to see an article extolling the joy and value in owning something that is truly custom made!  And it points out that custom made is often less expensive than say a designer limited edition from a boutique.  Since more of what you spend will go directly into the craftsmanship and the materials,  rather than third party mark-ups, which adds no real value to the finished piece, that is, unless you enjoy label dropping, insert Gucci, Pucci (or whatever brand) here...

It also very clearly (I think) explains the differences between actual custom made, vs. made-to-order, customized and made-to-measure. 

I just wish I was more hooked in since, had I known,  I probably could have gotten a little mention....

As it is I am thrilled that more and more people will become aware of,  and perhaps now consider having something custom-made.

addendum: I just realized I met David Colman, who wrote the article, when I had my shop in TriBeCa - jeeze I gotta get more hooked in and on top of stuff!  Seriously!

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