Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Live McQueen


I,  like so many others right now,  am immensely shocked and saddened by the news of Alexander McQueen's suicide.   He was an incredible and prolific talent who's work transcended fashion and became art.

The World, ( & not just the Fashion world) has lost a creative wellspring and tremendously inspiring force for the future.

Anytime you have someone of such far reaching creative and thinking talent, who is able to get their work out there so fearlessly, and project their inspiring vision so clearly, it is truly a gift to us all.

He elevated Fashion with Thought & incredible Beauty, a beauty sprung from unlikely  & often dark & surprising places, provoking more thought.  His work demanded a response on the part of both the wearer and voyeur.  His ability to make the most unlikely,  ungainly & sometimes unwearable article of clothing into a coveted garment conveying fetishistic powers (all meanings apply here) was astonishingly visceral… it was like he could feel our veins vibrating and tap into them.

Alexander McQueen, was a gift to all of us.  My heart goes out to Him, his Family, Friends and everybody he touched with his life & work.  We have lost a true artist. We have lost a vision.
May he live on forever in his power of inspiration.



Not Lady Gaga...Lady WTF ???

A friend of mine just bought this to my attention:
This designer (who I have never heard of and who appears to have some design background) "created" these nice leather leggings:


Except, well…maybe not…


Now, Leather leggings are neither new or original,  just about every line out there has done one variation or another by this time. You can make a decision where to buy them based on many, many points. Be it label, price, fit, quality, whether you like the designers work, overall vision, presentation, ethics, or values,  if they are lean (as in green), mean or what-have-you - you name it.  More power to YOU.

Actual WORK has a lot to do with it too,  since based on the evidence the "designer" of these leggings may not actually have ever made a pair that looks even remotely like this, ( let alone in leather) since she simply clicked on a photo and swiped it off the internet.  And so, while there are no laws that prevent anyone from making yet another pair of leather leggings, there are VERY clear cut laws regarding the PHOTOGRAPHER'S work. 

My favorite part of this is the sales pitch!  It's like one of those bad acia diet pill pitches that was going around for a while- Limited one time offer! Just 83 cents a day!!!! But no mention anywhere of actual price. And...

Not only that - 5 Days to TEST DRIVE!   Really?

Test Drive??? Who would want to risk getting a pair of somebody's "Test Driven" Leather leggings! 
I know how people like to wear this stuff!!!!

COMMANDO!!! (see if the stretched out camel toe profile fits yours...? Hey, go for it!)

Must read the corny cheesy sales pitch on the "LadySpy"  pants…very funny-sad. 

bizarre sales pitch

Your Thoughts?

 full size image link here 

(If ANYBODY can give me a hint re: why I can no longer get a Link to my full size image going 
here I would greatly appreciate it. )


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Custom Made in the New York Times

 In the New York Times today is a great article about custom-made clothing!

I am so excited to see an article extolling the joy and value in owning something that is truly custom made!  And it points out that custom made is often less expensive than say a designer limited edition from a boutique.  Since more of what you spend will go directly into the craftsmanship and the materials,  rather than third party mark-ups, which adds no real value to the finished piece, that is, unless you enjoy label dropping, insert Gucci, Pucci (or whatever brand) here...

It also very clearly (I think) explains the differences between actual custom made, vs. made-to-order, customized and made-to-measure. 

I just wish I was more hooked in since, had I known,  I probably could have gotten a little mention....

As it is I am thrilled that more and more people will become aware of,  and perhaps now consider having something custom-made.

addendum: I just realized I met David Colman, who wrote the article, when I had my shop in TriBeCa - jeeze I gotta get more hooked in and on top of stuff!  Seriously!

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