Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coming up for Air

I sort of fell of the charts since Thanksgiving and I apologize.   This always becomes a crazy time of year, almost without fail! Beyond all the family and business commitments & deadlines there are always unexpected things popping out of the woodwork!

One thing I am very excited about is this wonderful write up I got in The Wearable Art Blog. This blog features artisans & designers of textile, jewelry & other creations for the body (or not!).  If you are at all interested in hand-crafts, jewelry textiles and art, you should put aside some time to peruse The Wearable Art Blog.

Sandi has showcased great selection of unique, beautiful and lovingly created pieces and has searched out and featured artists from all over the world. She is truly dedicated to raising awareness and building up appreciation of amazing handmade design.  I am honored to be included here.

…I was really fascinated with this feature on a designer who works strictly in the realm of Second Life!  Very, very  appealing to the former Trekkie / Costume Con aficionado in me, but I could not in a million years imagine working without handling and feeling the actual materials in my hands. That would be torturous for me!


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