Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are you eating Pink Slime?

 Photo from the NY Times

I read this article from the NY Times too early this morning,  and it has left me feeling  nauseous ever since.  

I suspect this feeling will continue for quite some time, and it will guarantee I will never, ever again eat a hamburger that  I have not made myself, from meat the butcher has ground from one cut, right in front of me, where I can see it.  

(I may relax this rule should I ever move to Argentina, where food is treated with a great deal more respect. but here...)

I know this is not a New Years subject, but well.... how about drinking pickle juice as a hangover cure?  No?  I didn't think so...

Thankfully  we don't eat anywhere remotely like what I suspect is considered the average American diet, so this will not be a change so much as an even more conscious avoidance...

I am worried for my cats, who we affectionately call  "can"-ivores since they basically refuse to eat anything that does not come out of a can- seriously,  you know they ingest far, far  more "meat" than we ever would.

What is bizarre, and what Danny comment on immediately is the nowhere in the article does it even mention or consider  the toxicity of Ammonia, yet the FDA has approved the injection of  ammonia as a treatment of the "PINK SLIME"  that is added to the so called "meat" that is used in schools for hamburgers and the like to feed CHILDREN?

Approved it to the point that they considered the "beef product" exempt from INSPECTIONS? Ammonia at such High levels that it could be smelt in FROZEN chunks of the stuff? AND YET NOT LISTED AS AN INGREDIENT?

WTF?  Why don't we get the CPSIA on their ass?  While they are on their way to regulating small domestic manufactures of children's products out of business because of phalate and lead dangers, (dangers overwhelmingly found found in products made oh, in China?  As if  they stand a chance in Hell of actually regulating anything that comes from China?)  CPSIA should instead take on AMMONIA LEVELS in FOOD that kids (and adults) are being FED.  

The chances of ingesting an ammonia-tainted  hamburger, (or many) is obviously far more likely,  than eating say, a metal button from any country,  at any age.  Pink Slime just won't choke you.

Happy New Year & Enjoy your Fish and Tofu....uhhhh....wait a minute....


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  1. Pink slime? I know my cat LOVED pink slime but I think I would do pickle juice over that any day.
    I have had a dog with severe allergies and a cat that lived to a week before her 22nd birthday so I have dealt with a number of special animal diets. After reading this article I am very glad we know longer have anyone on the pink slime diet!


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