Sunday, November 8, 2009

BehrleNYC Leather in Hollywood

I will  be in the Los Angeles area from November 25th through the afternoon of December 1st.  Except for the day of Thanksgiving proper. (as far as I know at this point)

I am taking this opportunity to set up appointments for Custom-Made Leather as well as made to order leather pieces.  I will be staying in Hollywood, nearby the Walk of Fame and Grauman's.

I will meet with you to discuss your project & take measurements.  Once design is finalized, most projects can be completed through the mail via muslin fittings and photos that I go over step by step with you to so the finished garment  is absolutely the perfect piece, with the perfect fit.

I am looking forward to meeting both new and prospective customers, stylists, etc. during this time and will be setting aside as much time as possible to do so.  From unique jeans and jackets, to luxuriously detailed outerwear to extravagant Evening and Stage wear.  Unique and couture treatments, from finely detailed and beautifully finished traditional leather handwork  to exclusive and unique fabrics created with leathers and textiles. These are my specialties.

custom made leather jacket for Anastacia

custom made men's leather jean

custom made leather coat

custom made men's leather jean

custom made patent leather catsuit

custom made pieced leather gown

custom made leather pants for Sarah Michelle Gellar

custom made pieced leather pants and Freeform Top

custom made silk and leather dress

custom made silk and leather dress

custom made leather vest

custom made leather and python shirt

custom made leather coat

Please contact me at behrlenyc (at) gmail (dot) com.  Before November 23rd,  If you would like to arrange a meeting. 



  1. Wow!
    Awesome work!
    Do you think its possible to have too much leather? Do you think leather bed sheets are too much? lol
    The freeform top is very elegant. Good job.

  2. ps
    the Carapace collection is amazing. Cant believe the beige print flower dress is leather.

  3. Thanks!
    & not really! (though I had to stop at curtains! Pearlized openwork swags with fringe -like an exotic lace- really!)

  4. Thanks again, that's a reaction a lot of the work gets & I do enjoy getting at and exploring the antithesis of what is normally considered "leather"
    I like flow, and lightness. Beauty movement, wearability & comfort. I don't think any of this should be sacrificed. Laser cut leathers are amazing for all these reasons and really broaden the spectrum.


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