Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Save the Garment Center Rally

I just got back from the Save the Garment Center Rally and I was quite heartened by the turnout.

save the garment center rally

save the garment center rally
Nanette Lepore Speaking

save the garment center rally

save the garment center rally
Crowd breaking up & media presence

I was a little nervous, since over the last year and a half or so I had contacted them several times about volunteering, but got nowhere and kinda gave up on that route.  This afternoon I met Anthony Lilore, of Restore clothing who told me that Save the Garment Center is now being managed by a whole new set of people, so I am hoping to find out soon what I can do directly to help.

Attendance ran across the board, design, sales, backroom staff, sewers, cutters etc, etc and Speakers included Joe Raico,  from the Documentary "Schmatta",  he is the very insightful guy whose history in the Garment Center, working as a cutter, makes up a good part of the narrative of the film.  Which I saw last night and I really recommend it. (review here)  It really is a microcosm of what is going on all over the country and it makes you angry and sad and really, really pissed off.  What happened to us?  

The speakers included Nanette Lepore and Robert Savage, Christine Quinn,  Yeolee Teng,  & Micky Boardman among others as well as a very powerful letter  by costume designer Martin Pakledinaz that was read, which really emphasized beautifully how very far beyond NYC and fashion business the importance of having and saving the Garment Center goes.

Then on my way home I passed this:

(I have dubbed it "Hotel UGH".  This is at what was considered the outskirts of the Garment Center. )

hotel ugh four points
ok- not so bad...

hotel parking
valet parking perhaps?

view of wall
You like the view?

view from 9th Ave

From the corner of 9th Avenue looking East, hotel entrance is on right (South) side past scaffolding & park here signs. The building on the left is Port Authority. 
The view is not going to change. neither will the traffic, (this is the Bus Entrance of Port Authority) 
Welcome to New Yawk City! (circa 1974)

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  1. Carla, thank you for taking all the photos so we can see the turnout. I was there in spirit. - J


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