Friday, September 4, 2009

Rick Owens' Real Aesthetics

I had to post this, the first part a great interview with Rick Owens that I found here, On The Business of Fashion. Part two is on youtube.

I have known about Rick Owens since the late 80's. A roommate of mine was good friend of Michelle Lamy, who he lived with at the time, in LA. I was always hearing about the clothes he was designing. (We've probably been designing for the same amount of time.) So over the years I've always followed his work and have always held a great deal of admiration for it, especially as a fellow designer who works in leather. In this interview, I realize that we share a lot as far as our feelings about fashion, the industry and working in it. His POV, is both practical and realistic and he doesn't buy into all the BS that we are bombarded with constantly.

I love that he jettisoned his press office, and the reason why. I love, love, love his kind of aggravated comment on the cv's & "collages" he sees all the time.

"Everyone wants to be a designer, what I need is older people who know how to make the stuff"

I could not have said it better myself. Bravo!

(Case in point is a dear friend who gave up teaching her Senior's course in American Couture at FIT. Because FIT does not teach them enough construction to either make or differentiate between 4 types of buttonholes. How shameful of FIT.)

I love that Rick Owens has stayed so true to himself over the years and of course I love what he does with leather (& knits). We share an aesthetic about wearability and quality & I am thrilled that he is finally getting his due.



  1. I love Rick's attitude and originality. His designs are a bit too "dark" for my tastes, but that's just my "goody goody" nature :)

    Thierry Mugler is known for his leather designs as well, and he has a lot of it for this fall - are you a fan of his designs by chance?

  2. Thierry Muglers' work of the 80's and 90's is so spectacular, from the vision of it to the precision of the cut and construction, that it is hard to think of leather (and extreme form) without his work coming up. Those original, iconic pieces - from the costume work to (especially) the tailoring have always taken my breath away.

    I am very excited to see that Rosemary Rodriguez is updating the Mugler aesthetic, and doing it beautifully. The women's line especially, looks gorgeous!

    I love what Gareth Pugh (love!) & Alexander McQueen do with leather.

    & Azzedine Alaïa has always represented a pinnacle of leather work for me. The flow & movement he can achieve in a garment of leather, from lamb to crocodile - is incredible.

    And I cannot forget Jean Paul Gaultier, or Jean Claude Jitrois. All these designers make up part of any top 10 list for me.


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