Wednesday, June 24, 2009

White vs Black vs Wordpress

Such a nice contrast! I don't work on white often, leather is such an attention getter and white makes it even that much more so! So it takes a certain, very strong and confident personality to own a piece like this!


Fun to work on project, hopefully my client will one day send a photo of it on! Shot like this definitely does not give full effect.

Here, another unique and very personalized piece. Soft lambskin leather sweat pants for kicking back in. With full details- zip pockets and lower leg and waistband detail.



And lastly, something I've just started to get requests for, a mens jean style in the same stretch leather featured in our womens leggings. This client opted for stretch throughout the waist, which appears as slight gathering at the waistline when shot flat like this, but smooths out completely on the body. First thing he remarked on was how comfortable these jeans are.


Also, I am in the process of putting together a blog where I hope to eventually give an
overview of the actual process involved in creating various custom-made pieces.

Right now, The-Process is (mainly) a foray into my own (little bit frustrating) learning curve with Wordpress, but I'll get there!

I could never have managed so far on WP without this class. So please bear with me on this one.
It is truly a work-in-progress.



  1. You're killing me with these pants, Carla Dawn...My wife recently said, after my last credit card swipe, "no more leather pants!" and THEN I see these! I can't imagine anything more comfortable and stylish. Superb.

    [p.s. I won't be offended if you don't post this message as I've left a few already, but when I see something this nice, I *have* to say so :)]

    ...some day...


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