Sunday, May 17, 2009

Editorial Consideraton

Been a little tricky for me to keep on top of this blog lately, I think I may need to get help with this facet of things's hard for me to come up with things to write about &while I have tons of plans, I know I need massive help organizing them & planning! Plus, without the time to spend here on a regular basis it has just become problematic. So for now and to keep things lively, here is a recent editorial I received in Vice magazine & a little change of pace;

Vice Mag Fetish Editorial-2
Vice Mag Fetish Editorial-3
It was pulled mainly from items from my "World Domination " line.
it was shot by Richard Kern and inspired by his "NY Girls" era work and styled by Avena Gallagher.

I still make many items from the line- (besides the few items in the shop- under sensual) either custom made, (for things like corsets) or made to order, Masks, hoods, etc.

I am always somewhat amused by the attention these items get, on a continual basis.
Since, while they are all pretty classic, me, I have been looking at them for far too long!
So, getting to see them shot anew was a treat.

And since I've been diggin' through the old archives... (eventually I hope to get up a sister site to sell these things specifically) here's some more WD.

leather hood by Carla Dawn Behrle
Leather 6 Buckle Corsetby Carla Dawn Behrle
Leather Mermaid Skirt by Carla Dawn Behrleand I will note the extra watermarks are on everything due to the fact that we found somebody ripping off our images to sell some g'dawful crap on e-bay. I shudder to think what the product looked (let alone smelt like- based on where it was coming out of.) This work cannot be done cheaply, neither the fit, the leathers, nor the skill to make the patterns can be gotten at a cut rate. Not to mention the attention to detail and service, especially when you are talking custom made.

I hope you have enjoyed this little foray into the archives and we will be back on the 27th of May. So if you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us & we will get back to you then.

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