Sunday, April 12, 2009

Swamped Myself Good

I am incredibly sick of poking my way through web and internet stuff for hours to get somewhere- I am still not that fluent with a lot of the online stuff & I really need to do my work.

Which in actuality has nothing to do with the computer, can't be done on it, can't be facilitated by it- I can sell on it, but, in the end... I really need to be at the drafting desk, on the phone...just elsewhere.

So, I am taking some online classes, I thought they would be something fairly easy where I might learn something- anything!
Boy, was I wrong, these are real, good and hardcore classes and I signed up for two of them. I had no idea. I am thrilled. I hope I can make it through.

Class is on week 5 and I've gotten up to week 3 on both, working on 4 now. So very behind. On top of it, I was expecting a somewhat slow period, as is usual this time of year for me.
I am not getting it. A friend of mine calls these "cadillac problems" which is a perfect name and I think, not "problems" so much as reminder. I love being busy, and a let up can throw you off your game. The trick is to keep a healthy balance and be, ultimately, in control.

I will probably take one or both of these classes again, but one at a time, and not when I am also taking Spanish! (and moving...) way, way too much..

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