Thursday, March 19, 2009

Custom Made Men's Leather Pants, Part 3

I very recently finished these, but have not gotten to post till now, been swamped - (between doing some re-location, taking 3 different classes and work- whew!) Plus , since the final design was surprise I wanted to wait till he got them. These were done via the mail.

I did a combination of inlay work in a grainy black elk-skin and contrast stitching on these.
I am really happy with how they came out and so is my client!

He wrote me the nicest note:


I've picked up the pants and in a word they are "Magnificent" The
pocket detailing is incredible and exactly what what I was looking for.
The brown colour is beautiful and is perfect. The craftsmanship

Tried getting some pictures but they haven't turned out well. Will try
to get others to you shortly.

I'm just a average guy who is on the downward side of middle age,
looking to "dress it up" Your sense of style, execeptional craftmanship
and dedication will allow me to do that in spades.

When can I a get a black pair!

Thanks again and I can't wait to wear them out.

(Glenn B, Calgary)

custom men's leather pants

custom men's leather pants

custom men's leather pants

custom men's leather pants

custom men's leather pants

It makes me so happy when my clients are thrilled, especially when the whole pant was more of less a surprise. The choice of leather, design, details, all but the primary color, brown. I sent a bunch of swatches, but the choice was left to me. Based on e-mail discussions, this is what I did.



  1. What excellent work! The detail on those pockets is amazing ;)


  2. Gorgeous detailing on the pants from the construction stitching to the fantastic designs on the pockets.
    I love it when sewing/fashion become true works of art!

  3. I stumbled across your site while searching for "custom leather pants", and I love what I've seen overall [not just the pants]. I'm a guy who's addicted to *top-quality* leather pants and I can see that your creations stand with, or above, all of the best!

  4. Thank You so! It's very important to me that the quality is the best I can possibly make it. I put a great deal of care into the work, honestly, I wouldn't be doing it otherwise. C

  5. Awesome pant!! very nice color of pant..i like it very much..

  6. Wow, what beautiful pants. I love the inlay work and I find them very tasteful. The color combination is very classy and sexy at the same time.


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