Monday, March 23, 2009

Ah Ha! The Mystery is solved...

Some times this whole blog thing has me so frustrated. I spent hours at one point figuring out how to get a little music playing here. One of my pet peeves about my main site is lack of music.
Which one day I hope to eventually address, along with updating the whole bunch of stuff. My Men's wear area is the orphan of the site, which is a shame as it's really the bulk of what I do these days.

Anyhow, the other day I got a Google Alert with a link to my videos on YouTube, so I go check it out , of course it is some silly, harvester site or whatever they are called, capitalizing on "sexy" and "models".. ho hum. But, wait! There is only Part 1 showing up.

So I go to you tube and look at my account and lo, NO Part 2! Some notice saying I'd been sent an e-mail (when? I never got it. I hear from YouTube like- never. Once I got a Peta Freek cussing me out in Spanish...but that's about it.)

Just a little note, that because some Jesus and Mary Chain was playing in the background (guitar noise and a couple of lytrics for maybe 7-13 seconds) the whole thing was ripped off of YouTube. I would have been perfectly fine if they'd removed the music altogether, even from the rest of the 6 minutes. But no, no option to remove background music, just a stupid (bad) music generator with ADVERTS!

Gimme a break! Live DJ- with a theme, no playlist, a few seconds, and they take the whole thing down?

Today first thing, front of the New York Times Business Section was the answer.

Eventually I will learn how to get that pesky video up in it's entirety, here on this blog somewhere, and WB can bite me. (and I am sure alot of other po'd people)

The only thing I ever watched on You Tube was vintage Music Videos (especially Roxy Music- STYLE- personified, the Best!) Now it sounds like a ton of that sort of stuff is gone. What's the point?

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  1. Par for the course.. I'm surprised the music police aren't running around the streets arresting every sweet child who sings Winter Wonderland.



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