Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vintage Leather

I feel overwhelmed with stuff sometimes, I collect things that are beautiful to me and inspire me.

I absorb them - very often from a technician's POV, which for me is in a big way inseparable from the aesthetic POV. I am very much into Beautiful things that Work.

Beauty, by itself is amazing, it blows me away. Beauty that works, I'm breathless, there are so many beautiful things- but when they become part of function- that inspires me,

These are two pieces that have inspired me for years. The first is an incredible Byron Lars vest from his First Spring collection.

The next is a wonderfully hand-crafted North Beach Leather jacket.

byron lars vest
vintage north beach leather jacket


  1. Wanted to say that my Roo-sak is absolutely fabulous! Roomy, waterproof and durable. When I change from my shoes to my heavy boots (baby it's cold out there...)or just throw on a sweater I keep in the bag, I can then fold it up and stow it with no wasted space!

    Kuddos to Behrlenyc!

  2. Gosh- I'm so late getting back to this, Thanks so much! & please I encourage any of my customers - past & present to comment, leave feedback and please leave some indication who you are- (doesn't need to be a name) so I can respond personally! In any case I am sure you will find you will use this bag all year round, it's a great all round, beat-up-able and seriously, indestructible bag.

  3. Wow, this pirate looking jacket is so beautiful! What year is it from?

    Congrats on Angelina as a client. We love her. We totally do. I hear that she is also very gracious in person.

    Tammie Umbel, CEO
    Shea Terra Organics

  4. I believe the NBL jacket was made by this guy named Arturo who has been doing pieces (that are now vintage) for them for years. He's more recently done a lot of the vintage styles with whipstitching and various lacing. I bought some Leather Pants a few years ago from the now West Coast Leather (formerly NBL) that are called "Rock and Roll" Pants with a Lace-up fly and have whipstitching everywhere where the seams would be on a standard pair of 5 pocket jean style leather pants. Anyway my Rock and Roll pants have "Arturo" on the label and they told me he's out of Mexico and has been making things for them for years. I would think he possibly was the one who did this vintage jacket you posted. My Rock and Roll pants are great, I love them ...they fit so well and the detail is well done. And I'm looking forward to having you make me a pair of jean style leather pants someday with maybe an added custom flair to them. I love standard plain 5 pocket jeans in black leather, but those brown ones with the design on the pockets are amazing Carla.

  5. Yes Nick, I know of Arturo, but I didn't know he did stuff for NBL. I would not be surprised. I'm more familiar with his work from the 80's or early 90's (so I guess it is vintage now) It's very recognizable & highly detailed work. I loved it back then, the workmanship...!
    Unfortunately you don't see too much of it now.

  6. Good choice of words - "workmanship" R&R pants are done so well. It's interesting to look at the stitching and think how much detail and time went into it. (Although for Arturo it was routine I'm sure and doesn't take him long to bang out a pair). My pants don't appear to have as much detail though as this jacket you have posted here which does have a lot of fine detail. I've always appreciated the fine detail and time one puts into their work - regardless of what kind of work it is.


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