Thursday, December 11, 2008

Luxury Shoppers Anonymous

I loved this article in the NYTimes today. They make what I do seem like a sudden new, hot, and super exclusive thing.

Well, it isn't...quite. I have been working one-on-one with my customers for years, and have had events from time to time, though I prefer to keep it lo-key. The big events are a lot of fun, (and stressful and kind of manic making & once in a while, yes, I can get into it.) But really, my whole thing is that I really, really enjoy working directly with my customers.

My customers have known about this for years, and have sought me out for this personal and relaxed experience.

However, people who find me, do have to put some effort into it. Here we are - still one of the best kept secrets in NYC. (but, oddly... not in Europe)

And contradictory to the Times writer's point of view- it's not about what other people will think, it's about what my customers already know.


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