Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Room under the Bathtub...

I am (semi-continually at this point) trying to make more space. It's a sign that when you start dreaming about finding another whole room beneath the floor & under the bathtub, behind the stove or in a closet, stuff has got to go...I am sure it's a archetypal dream in NYC. Unfortunately there's not much to satisfy the craving than to actually get rid of stuff! So, I'll be parting with a bunch of vintage, and other odds and ends I've accumulated over the years. Starting with this amazing late 1960's/early 70's coat that's very reminiscent of Julie Christie to me.

dr. zhivago coat
It's amazing, incredibly made, completely underlined for extra warmth. with a thick fox fur collar and cuffs. This coat was knocked off by Anna Sui several years ago, but hers could not compare just on the basis of what it would cost to make a coat anywhere near this quality these days.

I also have this gorgeous, completely handmade 2 piece suede dress, there is no machine stitching on it whatsoever. It could have been made for show, but looks quite a bit more fashionable than your typical western show wear. The fit on the skirt is very,very good. It's one of the most flatteringly cut skirts I've run across.

custom western fringe top

custom western fringe skirt

I've got these and a few other odds and ends listed on e-bay this week and am working on digging out more stuff, including a very, very, early North Beach Leather Jacket back from the period when they were hand laced in Mexico. I've also go some Monkey Fur coats but those ain't going on ebay! Interested? Just contact me.

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