Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wilson's Leather Out of Business?

I must have missed something.

Wilson's was still in business???? That Company should have been put out of it's misery years ago. Seems that for the last 15 years or so it's been one of the most mis-managed, poorly merchandised, directionless retail outlet concepts out there. To go from being one of the largest retailers in the country... (how they did that I guess was by being everything to everybody - good idea!- that worked!)

Every single re-invention over that time was incredibly ill-conceived, poorly executed and just plain wishy-washy. No point-of-view whatsoever. The merchandise always left me scratching my head, sub-par in quality, styling and fit- It's looked like a car crash for ever. Nobody behind the wheel.

I'd hate to express this with regards to an "American" company, but we all know Wilson's hadn't manufactured anything in this country in years so...

Thank you for pulling the plug.


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