Friday, June 20, 2008

Leather Luddite at Heart

I am exhausted, one project, in particular has been very challenging, lots of tiny pieces and very unique construction,
(I will post pix asap)

I really like to concentrate and put my undivided attention into my work, even if it's just for a short stretch, I feel so much better when I am able to do that and for some reason tiny pieces get me flustered, distracted and I need super extra super ,super sharp concentration. Not easy when you are doing a bunch of stuff at once.

So, I basically put all computer stuff aside when I need to do concrete, physical,work, product.

I can really get into all this computer & internet stuff (way, way too much, being the obsessive Virgo that I am (same birthday as Amy Winehouse-?!?) but it's not my thing at all.

There's that tactile thing, I will never , ever, get over that. I am obsessed with it, flatness becoming 3-d. Thought solidified.

Something to touch, feel, smell, wear , get-out-of -the-house-in. get-out -of-suburbia-in.

Images, dreams, visions and shadow becoming reality.

This is just the germ of my love hate relationship with the computer.

btw, the project came out great! We are both thrilled with it!


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