Friday, March 21, 2008

Ahead of Time

stretch-leather-leggingsWow- I guess I am always just a little bit ahead of everything. (That’s not necessarily good for me.)

Over the last two days I’ve been inundated with links to posts on leather and leather look leggings. WWD noting that:

“Leather leggings were all the rage on the Paris streets during collections, and designers on this side of the pond are right on trend with their own versions for fall.” (Of course I am so out of the loop press wise mine aren’t featured.)

Here’s one with a selection of the WWD images (WWD’s own image functionality sucks- I can’t stand wonky slideshows, pop-ups etc. No wonder the internet sky is falling)

Yes! As I’ve noted before, leather leggings or legging cut pants are fabulous! Especially great under different layers or short dresses. The stretch lambskin I use is bonded to a heavy cotton lycra cloth that provides a great deal of shaping as well as warmth! So, even if you are not thrilled with your thighs- you can wear shorter layers than you’d expect.

I really like them with mixed layers- nothing much above crotch level. Yes, I know I’ve shot them with short tops in both my store and my site, I do need to show the whole garment. But I don’t expect them to be worn that way ! If you can, I applaud you, You’re a better woman than I (and I hate you- go for it!)tapered-leather-pants

Not into leggings?- really well cut tapered pants, or very slender straight legs are always great but please, not with so much stretch in the fabric that they may as well be leggings.

My stretch leather leggings are available to order, but the various leather finishes are subject to availability, and the price will be going up as summer approaches. (I wish this weren’t the case but it’s out of my control.)


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