Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun with Handbags

I have been busy working on a little group of limited edition & one-of-a-kind bags that I will be putting up soon, but it's taking a while because I keep getting distracted with al the other stuff I am doing. I came across these bags by a designer named James Piatt, out of California. I love technique they are made with, and I like the dark humor (though some of it definitely hits wrong now - I can't tell how up-to-date the site is.) Check out the "Persuader". Your cell phone becomes your ammunition. Very clever.

handbag-by-james-piattTinkerbell by James Piatt

This is the bag that caught my eye, I thought it was a black cat, in the Emily vein - I guess I'm just a goth at heart.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Ahead of Time

stretch-leather-leggingsWow- I guess I am always just a little bit ahead of everything. (That’s not necessarily good for me.)

Over the last two days I’ve been inundated with links to posts on leather and leather look leggings. WWD noting that:

“Leather leggings were all the rage on the Paris streets during collections, and designers on this side of the pond are right on trend with their own versions for fall.” (Of course I am so out of the loop press wise mine aren’t featured.)

Here’s one with a selection of the WWD images (WWD’s own image functionality sucks- I can’t stand wonky slideshows, pop-ups etc. No wonder the internet sky is falling)

Yes! As I’ve noted before, leather leggings or legging cut pants are fabulous! Especially great under different layers or short dresses. The stretch lambskin I use is bonded to a heavy cotton lycra cloth that provides a great deal of shaping as well as warmth! So, even if you are not thrilled with your thighs- you can wear shorter layers than you’d expect.

I really like them with mixed layers- nothing much above crotch level. Yes, I know I’ve shot them with short tops in both my store and my site, I do need to show the whole garment. But I don’t expect them to be worn that way ! If you can, I applaud you, You’re a better woman than I (and I hate you- go for it!)tapered-leather-pants

Not into leggings?- really well cut tapered pants, or very slender straight legs are always great but please, not with so much stretch in the fabric that they may as well be leggings.

My stretch leather leggings are available to order, but the various leather finishes are subject to availability, and the price will be going up as summer approaches. (I wish this weren’t the case but it’s out of my control.)


Monday, March 17, 2008

Drats!...Knocked-Off Again!

akris-suitThis clipping came to me along with a really sweet note from a client of mine, Ellen Weldon. She had recognized the technique right away!

It doesn't happen often, since what I do is not that easy to copy, but in the end it’s really only a matter of time. And it is nice to see the technique I’ve been perfecting since 1999 done so well. It’s not the first variation I’ve seen, but it's definitely the nicest. I initially found it a little hard to believe it’s actually made in Switzerland, what with the way it’s priced. (Top $1750. Skirt $2300.) Especially when taking into account raw materials, the Euro, & the various markups involved when selling to Bergdorf’s, and comparable stores, etc.

But with Akris’s resources, they can utilize every bit of computerization and high tech production available, taking out as much hand labor as possible. It’s the only way it could be done, as the technique is quite tricky and definitely a couture one. Really, the quality of their line is quite beautiful.

The note card the clipping came in is gorgeous! Ellen designs and makes incredible, hand-made cards, invitations and gift packaging for events, weddings, and the like. The note card is a very heavy card stock edged in red, with a matching envelope lined in a hand-painted paper with metallic gold highlights. The envelope is embossed with her name- under the flap! It's really, really elegant.
card by Ellen Weldon Designs,NYC

envelop detail

You can't find her online. All her business is word of mouth only! Look up Ellen Weldon Designs on 5th Avenue here in NYC.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Custom Made and Hairy Situations

This article just came to my attention via F-I and I’m surprised I missed it.

I think it’s great that actual custom made, bespoke or whatever you’re going to call it, or at least something close to it is getting some attention & may become easier to find.

Clothes actually made-to-measure. I am thrilled that younger guys are becoming aware that there are options besides jeans and ill-fitting OTR suits. It can only grow awareness across the board.

But... “Any idiot can run a tape measurer around you,” Hello? I really hope this was a typo.

That quote just sucks so much. Besides the obnoxious tone, it only highlights the speaker’s ignorance as to what it is they are claiming to do. I'd certainly hope he’s not the idiot with the tape.

Next, I don’t watch Project Runway as a matter of course, but when I came across this excellent post I had to see what the fuss was about.

So I checked out the PR entries as well as Tim Gunn’s comm
ents, which show a real bias against both the hair and Chris’s costume design background. It is a good reminder as to how stuck in rut the industry mentality can be. All too often everything winds up safe, safe, safe, for the powers that be. Then, invariably, the refrain “There’s nothing new” when sales & styles aren't up to expectations. Beats me.

I agree completely with the writer that the use of human hair should have been a non-issue, as well as a lot of other points made, and I love reading something written by someone with a background in fashion history. It’s a real treat.


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