Monday, February 25, 2008

Two cents...!

Had fun watching the Oscars, but I can't believe how quickly those who didn't tow the line and dress according to some PR/media flak/company marketing plan got Trashed. Come on!
Marion Cotillard looked amazing! I just don't get the petty, meanness of some of the comments I read. And god forbid if you dress to highlight your own tastes and personality. I LOVED what Diablo Cody wore, it suited her perfectly and the earrings were kick-ass. Yes, the slit should've been closed off some so she wasn't nervously checking it when she went on up stage, but cheeky underwear would've worked too!
Tilda's dress was intriguing, and I got why she picked it. It worked in theory, not in practice. It was a difficult dress. and it looked she had to keep her right arm permanently bent at the elbow....(or what, I wonder?) She has an amazing face, her skin is astoundingly beautiful, and I loved that she appeared barren of make-up. The dress did highlight this, which may have been the point. So, Go Tilda!


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