Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Leather Wedding Gowns

It’s been taking a long while to get back into the swing of things. Been sick as a dog with the flu. Seriously making me consider flu shots from now on- this is Nasty.

Tomorrow is Valentine' s day, so I’m gonna catch up a little with my non-traditional wedding dresses. Going through these, I really want to do more. Wedding dresses can be a lot of fun. Creative and challenging.

My favorite and most time consuming project ever was this dress;


It’s in a pearlized white leather coinmail that I make. It's lined with a pale pink silkchiffon and the matching veil is pink tulle edged with more coinmail. It’s trimmed with tiny pearlized pink and white hand-made leather rosebuds. The gown was inspired by Theda Bara and worn for a Moroccan themed wedding outside San Francisco.  More about this Dress.


This dress was made for Thaler Bergin. She wanted a dress that would not be limited to being worn only for her wedding. It’s In a very unusual rich taupe color leather. It suited her coloring perfectly and the spiral cut of the dress gave it real movement and modern feel.


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