Wednesday, January 30, 2008

East West Musical Instrument Co.

Fashion Incubator, over the last week posted two items about the East West Musical Instrument Company. These jackets were out of this world as far as design and craftsmanship. The HEIGHT of 1970’s art leather. Some fabulous photos and references and other info are included on F-I.
I knew very little about East West beyond having been handed an original years ago and asked to do a version if it. After which I met a guy who told me he sold the originals, and gave me the little bit of info I’d had on the line till now. I’ve only seen two of these original jackets in person and boy, are they AMAZING.
Here's a pix of an original. And here is my version, circa 1995- hope it stands up!

Swan Jacket

A few years later I was asked to recreate it again- this time for Victoria's Secret.
This is what the final result was...

Victoria's Secret Jacket
A lot different!
Literally, two days before the shoot (video for TV catalog, stills, the whole nine yards) the concept suddenly changed, from "Barbarella as a Vargas Girl" to " Apollo 13". Thank god the linings weren't in yet. We wound up re-cutting and re-constructing 5 jackets in under 48 hours! (then they lost a girl!) You can just barely see the wing details on the sleeves, and of course the wings on the back stayed, but we lost the fronts & had to kill the original collar, add cuffs and tailored waistbands and little hand painted name plates.
so Very NASA...
Victoria's Secret Supermodels


My Mom

Eileen Behrle...was a very beautiful, very funny and very strong being. She passed away on January 22nd.

Thank you Mom, for being just crazy enough to, along with Dad, drag 3 kids across the US, Mexico and Canada in a 22 foot Winnebago every single year as we were growing up. (and for leaving the Winnie behind for various trips to Europe, Scotland & Puerto Rico…) You gave us amazing freedom and opportunities. I miss you. You are the best.
BehrleKidsMy parents continued to take a motor home Winnie(or something else) out somewhere every single year and would have surely continued.

Mom, May your new travels be sweet ones. We love you and are with you. We will keep Dad out of trouble for you.M&D
Love forever....


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dress of the Day... Yikes!

Bad Leather Dress I've not been here a while, I will be getting back on a more regular basis soon...A friend of mine sent me this link from StyleDash, and it really makes me wonder. I shudder to think that anybody could think this dress "hot". Did the writer get a freebie?(ugh) or is that absolutely the best she could come up with? I realize that coming up with a cool, good looking clothing item from the web on a daily basis is a tall order, but give us a break. I sincerely hope nobody is rushing out to purchase this, so what, (and no wonder...doh!) it's on sale?

Look, if you are going to buy ANY piece of leather clothing,

A) It should look like leather, not a trash bag.
B) It needs to fit properly.
C) If you need to, save up and spend more. You will be much happier.

An article of leather clothing should not even remotely look like the dress above. It should look like this:Good Leather Dress Later, when I can access my photos, I will put up a pix of a dress I did about 7-8 years ago which IS a HOT Zippered Dress!


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