Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stretch Leather Leggings

Finally got some new stuff up in the shop. (I hate MIVA Merchant) My faves are the stretch leather leggings, which will go great with a sweater dress I am jonesing for, or under anything else for warmth and sleekness.


& these long stretch leather sleeves and this nubuck hat, which was inspired by a hat I saw once on Larry Shox of Shox Lumania. It is really fun to wear, warm, and a lot more interesting than a knit cap.


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  1. Not sure if I ever told you this Carla, but for years I've tried to find another leather legging that I liked half as much as I loved yours. Haven't found one yet! The Row makes a nice one, but it's not nearly as good as yours, of course. Your clothes have always been an inspiration. xo.


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