Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bespoke Leather Coat


I've finally got a pix of the coat I'd posted about earlier, the way it's supposed to be- on a body!

Thanks Diego, for loaning me the jacket to shoot and thanks Noel, for throwing it on. (I still want a pix of you in the jacket Diego, that does not change...)


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stretch Leather Leggings

Finally got some new stuff up in the shop. (I hate MIVA Merchant) My faves are the stretch leather leggings, which will go great with a sweater dress I am jonesing for, or under anything else for warmth and sleekness.


& these long stretch leather sleeves and this nubuck hat, which was inspired by a hat I saw once on Larry Shox of Shox Lumania. It is really fun to wear, warm, and a lot more interesting than a knit cap.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Divas in Leather

alicia-keys-in-leather-pantsIt's so funny- on I Tunes e-mail today they are featuring 3 of the powerful female artists I have designed for. Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys (who was like 16 the first time I worked with her!) and Jill Scott! 3 ladies with great chops and style...

mary-j-blige-in-leather-by-behrle-nyc Left- Alica Keys in Behrle NYC (InStyle Magazine) Above- MJB in Behrle NYC (Us Magazine)

I wish I had some images of the of the skirt and jacket I made for Jill Scott for her Grammy awards performance, she was very cool to work with...


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leather and Other Art

Angelo Filomeno, an astounding artist working in silk & thread primarily, told me about an artist who’s work I had to see.
I finally got to look her up & it is the artist, who years ago- having seen one tiny, grainy black and white photo of her work, pretty much launched my fascination with all things leather.
… I will never forget that photo, the black leather head encased in leather and spiraling zippers that looked as if they might actually unzip like a peel, fascinated me. For ages, I obsessed over how a 3D piece like that might be made actually functional, without any molding- just the leather and zippers. (I love construction puzzles) I think it really informed my obsession with both leather and Fit. I could’t find images that particular head any where, but here you will find an interview with Nancy Grossman.

Nancy Grossman HeadsThe Third Mind" Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Now I must plug Angelo, he is an artist of the highest caliber. He "paints" (for lack of a better word) with embroidery. The scale and detail of his work is awe inspiring. And if you got a look at the process he goes through to create these incredible tableaux, they become even more incredible. I have never seen a photograph that can do justice to the work. You must see it in person. He was a featured artist in the Venice Biennale this summer, and I was very lucky to get to see the work in progress.

My Love Sings When the Flower is Near, Angelo FilomenoMy Love Sings When the Flower is Near (The Philosopher and the Woman), Angelo Filomeno 2007

For an idea of scale, these skeletons are at least life sized. The canvas is 13 feet high. This is the kind of detail he gets...with an old, completely hand-guided, industrial Singer embroidery machine. If you had any idea the kind of work this entails. Needless to say he does it all himself- no farming out of the work. You must see it in person.

Cold (detail) Angelo Filomeno
Cold (detail) Angelo Filomeno

Here is more of his work. He is represented by Galerie LeLong


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Subprime Explained

just a small, if only they will explain how the dollars drop in value will help sell more American made goods (to Americans?) - since they are so much cheaper now.
If it is made here, the raw materials more than likely aren't. (like mine, which are all out of Europe)

Prices go up.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Romantic Gothic Wedding Gown

Here is a Wedding Gown created for Linda Marrota for her wedding to Kaz.
Linda is a Wiccan Goth Goddess (obviously!)… film & book reviewer for Fangoria magazine magazine and head buyer for Shakespeare and Co. books here in NYC.

It's actually 2 pieces, a cordovan laced leather corset and a free-form suede skirt that drapes and fits as though it is bias cut.

It's one of the really unique wedding outfits I've had the opportunity to create (In leather or fabric- but more on that later...)


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marty and Allison's Wedding

I don't think people think of leather first thing for wedding attire, but I've made quite a few leather pieces specifically requested for weddings. Most recently I made this classic suede shirt jacket for Marty to wear to his wedding to Allison. It was perfect for a late September outdoor wedding!


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